What's Cooking in the Smart Kitchen?

It's never too early to introduce your toddler to a variety of textures and tastes. From juicy red apples and crisp carrot sticks to tangy hummus and creamy avocados, a healthy kitchen is made up of a rainbow of flavors. By filling your table with fresh, yummy and nutritious foods you not only set a great example for your kids, you'll get them excited about eating smarter.

Note: These recipes are intended for adult use. Parents should never leave children unattended in the kitchen particularly when cooking or preparing a meal.

Healthy Ways to Stock Your Pantry

Stocking your pantry with healthy basics is one way to help ensure your child is getting proper nutrition. Use this list as a guide to fill your house with nutritious basics that will help make your recipes healthy for your little ones.

Headline About the Meal Planner

Bring the kids into the kitchen to share in a fun-filled morning preparing Yummiest French Toast. Little hands will relish mixing and measuring, not to mention getting sticky as they enjoy this delicious weekend favorite.

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