A Mighty Beginning

We know that you're committed to making sure your child grows up bright and healthy. That's why we created Mighty Bites™ specifically for kids. It's not just your child's body that's developing a majority of a child's brain development happens in their early years. So we've added a unique blend of nutrients essential to your child's growing mind.

We've included 35 mg of Choline, a nutrient necessary for proper brain development that has been shown to help with memory. Each serving of Mighty Bites™ provides at least 14% of the daily recommended intake for kids under 8, and the same amount as in 1/2 cup of cooked broccoli, 1/2 cup cook brussel sprouts or in 2 oz. of salmon. Mighty Bites™ also offers an excellent source of Iron and Zinc, which aid in brain cell development and are important for normal brain development. We've even included 25% DV of Vitamin C that helps increase the body's absorption of Iron and aids in the creation of nervous system cells.

Growing Bodies

In addition to boosting brain development, Mighty Bites™ helps your kids as their bodies grow and mature with vital nutrients such as Fiber and Calcium. As part of a hight fiber diet, it helps support a healthy digestive system in your kids and may help to keep them feeling full throughout the day. With 15% of their daily Calcium, Mighty Bites™ helps support the growth of your child's bones and teeth.

A Mighty Partnership

Because of our commitment to providing the healthiest food for your kids, we've partnered with pediatrician Dr. William Sears, a leading expert in childhood health. We're working together to ensure that our cereal is doing all it can to meet the nutritional needs of your growing child.