Food For Thought

Did you know a simple art project can help build a child's self esteem? Transforming everyday objects, such as empty paper towel rolls and egg cartons into sculptures, imaginary bugs or spyglasses, teaches a child that his creativity is limited only by his own imagination. It's a great opportunity for your child to say "I can do it!"

Think faster. Leap higher. Laugh harder.

Your little one has a very hungry mind. At around three years of age, make-believe and other imaginative activities begin to occupy an important place in your child's world. A sense of imagination will carry a child beyond the boundaries of time and space and take her to places she has never been. Encourage your child to be a cowgirl, a king, a secret agent or even a space explorer!

Discovery Activities

There are so many fun ways to help foster your child's developing mind. Kids are inherently curious, and harnessing their sense of discovery can be simple. Here are some easy ways to engage your child both outdoors and in.
Pretend you are an astronaut who has landed on another planet. Think about how the ground might feel. Is it spongy, gooey, splashy or soft? Do you walk with heavy footsteps or on dainty tippytoes? Do you bounce or creep? More